South Windsor 4318 Walker Rd. Windsor, ON, N8W 3T5 Tel: 519-969-6328
West Windsor 2451 Tecumseh Rd. Windsor, ON N9B 3R6 Tel: 519-987-0555

“We Are An Old Fashion Butcher Shop with a Modern Day Twist”

Marc and Christine Romualdi opened up their first store on the west side of Windsor in 2005 and started with only 7 employees. Now they have a total of 3 stores with almost 100 employees.

Marc has a passion for people, business and nothing makes him happier than putting quality food on the tables of his valued customers.

“We work hard to bring our customers the best quality products available.  We work hand in hand with farmers and packers to ensure quality and getting the best price in order to offer significant value to our loyal customers”


“We say what we mean and mean what we say. No one in our industry can follow through on all 3 very important aspects.

We often say that our prices bring our customers in, our quality brings them back and our service lets them leave with a smile on their faces.”

Marc has been in the meat industry for 30 years and is always learning and adapting to his customer’s needs.

Marc and Christine both feel that their love and passion for the business, the people they serve and work with, really gives them the competitive advantage. They both have nurtured and worked hand in hand with their managerial staff to ensure that consistency and standard operating procedures is executed on a daily basis at all of their locations.

“We are not cheap, everyone else is expensive”

What really provoked Marc and Christine to get into business was seeing how the chain stores were treating their customers with overpriced meat on average quality goods and are continuing to do the same today.

“We have an excellent working relationships with the farmers and major FEDERAL packers, some of which are Cargill, Sofina Fine Foods, JBS (ALBERTA BEEF SUPPLIER), Maple Leaf and JM Schneiders Poultry and smoked meats to name a few.

 We have been dealing with these companies and people for most of our lives and have a great working relationship. That’s how we have become one of Canada’s leading volumed meat stores”.

 The volume gives Marc and Christine the opportunity to deal directly with the meat packer while the smaller butcher shops and grocers don’t have the capacity.  The shops and grocers often have to purchase their meat from second and third tier brokers which drastically raises their cost.  They have skipped the middle man and buy on the same platform as the major chains giving them the ability to get the cost and prices down for their customers.

As a result of their excellent and ongoing working relationships they ensure proper execution on quality and price.

Another very important aspect of their business is the ‘Marcos Own Famous’ brand which are products that are either made fresh in store or made in a federally inspected facility with their very own recipes.  They only partner with manufacturers that operate plants with the highest level of standards in the industry.

These products are only available and are exclusive to all of our three amazing locations in Windsor.

Products such as:

Stuffed mushrooms, a wide variety of Sausages, Stuffed Pork Chops, BBQ Seasoned Pork Ribs, Hamburger patties and also smoked and cured products such as Hot, Mild and All Beef Pepperettes, Csabi, Hunter Garlic and Chorizo Sausages.

We even sell smoked marrow bones for your pet!

The staff also share the same passion and are extremely knowledgeable.  They are fast and friendly and if they don’t know the answer they won’t hesitate to ask someone in-store who does.

M.R. Meat Market has recently added a new app which all present and new customers can download on their cell phones.

With this launch of our new app, our customers will have the ability to order Meat directly from their cellphones or from their computer and have it shipped directly to their homes in a safe and efficient manner. Another way in which Marc and Christine are adapting to their customers busy lives and needs.

“We will continue to work hard to satisfy all of our customers needs and look forward to serving you soon.

 Thank you for taking this time and learning about us. We hope this gives you some insight and understanding on what we are all about.

 Thank you once again and have a great day.”

Marc and Christine Romualdi