South Windsor 4318 Walker Rd. Windsor, ON, N8W 3T5 Tel: 519-969-6328
West Windsor 2451 Tecumseh Rd. Windsor, ON N9B 3R6 Tel: 519-987-0555


We carry a large selection of meat.  From 100% Canadian Pork to 100% Canadian Poultry.  All our meat comes from Federally Inspected Meat packers across Canada.



All of our Poultry is cut from fresh Canadian Poultry from federally inspected packers.

** J.M. Schneider’s Poultry & Maple Leaf Poultry Division**


All our Pork is cut from fresh Canadian Pork from federally inspected packers. From pork chops to pork tenderloin, you’ll be more than satisfied with our pork products.


Basa fillets, Salmon fillets, Tilapia fillets, Sole fillets, Flounder, Pollock, 31/40 cooked & undercooked shrimp, Lobster tails, Calamari Rings, Octopus, Smelt & Seafood Combo Packs.


We carry an extensive product line of Canadian/European deli/Cheese item.

  • Prosciutto, Capicola, Genoa, etc.

We also prepare Deli/Cheese Trays for your next function. Please phone our deli department to place your order.

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